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JP Diagnostics began with one man and a vision of the future. Jarrod Parslow, the leader and founder of JP Diagnostics, began this company 10 years ago.  A company that has grown since its humble beginnings in Brooklyn, and has vastly  become one of the leaders in leak detection within the NY tristate area.

Jarrod began his career in the US Navy working as an avionics technician for Aircraft Carrier based fighter jets.  Upon leaving the military, he began work within the power plant industry as an electronics technician as well as a thermographer for high voltage power grid lines.  After extensive operational experience with infrared technology, Jarrod designed a testing system, via infrared imaging, for the sole purpose of determining the source/origin of structural water leaks within buildings, never before seen within the waterproofing industry.  

In 2011, Jarrod began testing the system free of charge for anyone who was interested in the service.  After finding the process had an extremely high success rate, he took JP Diagnostics live in 2012.  The company has grown exponentially ever since.

"It is only when you are willing to think outside the box, while simultaneously believing that anything is possible, do we create something truly unique."


Our Story

About Us

We offer a wide variety of water leak and thermal efficiency detection services. The next generation technology is here to help you determine the source and origin of the problem at hand and will provide you with the answers you need to rectify the water leaks causing structural and plumbing defects and/or thermal efficiency issues found within the property

Why choose JPD?

  • With the use of innovative infrared technology, we are able to identify the exact location of a water entry leak point non-invasively

  • Cost- We won’t nickel and dime you like some other companies might.  We state a flat rate upfront for our service and will not charge until the problem is solved! 

  • Customer Oriented staff-We pride ourselves on the relationships with our customers…

  • On Time - We are always on time for appointments.  We believe the first judgement of a company lies in the ability to arrive when promised, on time!

  • Our highly trained employees are professional, skilled, and prompt. 

  • Leadership

  • Reliability - We will stick with you every step of the way in this process.  From the moment  you call our team to when the repairs are being implemented, we are there to answer any questions and guide you through the process.
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