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The New Standard in Targeted Leak Detection

We Are the Future of Infrared Leak Detection


A Technological and Data-Driven Approach.

Using infrared imaging technology in combination with our advanced analytics platform, we can target exact source and origins of structural water leaks far more accurately than our primitive competition. We have created a non invasive approach utilizing infrared cameras and drones to locate the source of any water penetration.

Modernized Analytics

Applying our multivariable system of analysis along with 10 years of historical data allows us to accurately pin point individual water leaks, non-invasively.

Data Science Acceleration

Data mining 10 years of defective construction practices observed in real time has helped us predict waterproofing issues before they contribute to water leak entry.

Versatility in Application

Whether your building is commercial or residential, brick or EIFS, our system can identify the source of any/all water leaks within the structure(s) affected.

Unparalleled Customer Service

As a small family owned business, our clients are our number one priority.  We care about our clients, helping them maintain a water damage free living and working environment.


Unprecedented Accuracy. Impeccable Reliability.

Need help locating a leak? Have you done repair after repair, with no results?

We’ve got you covered !

Scans are performed by an expert technician Monday through Wednesdays and are subject to change due to weather conditions and temperatures. A report is then provided with, not only the source of the water entry but also the recommended repairs to rectify the issue. Provide our detailed diagnostic report to your contractor, or one in our network, and it will provide a road map to complete elimination of water entry within the property.

What's in a report?

  • Source of leak(s)

  • Repair recommendations

  • Mold probability ratings

  • Infrared images showing water flow patterns from point of  damage to water leak source.

  • Areas of concern outside of the current issue found during the inspection process.


We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Years of Experience


Targeted Leak Detections


States of Operation


Industry Awards

Some of Our Clients

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Are You Ready to See What We Are Capable of?

JP Diagnostics is here to provide your home or business with the best quality service in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, Queens, the Bronx, New Jersey and Long Island. *Other locations available upon request.

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